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Sad: Cat trying to help a friend

September 23, 2011

This is very touching


15 Days of Abandonment

September 23, 2011

Well vacation time is over meaning its back to waking up early in the morning, back to setting time to work, and back to the weekend countdowns. These past two weeks Ive been adjusting myself to function on work day schedule so I won’t have to procrastinate. This year my goal is to manage my time wisely, so far so good! But allowed me to forget about my blog for a while but not anymore. So don’t worry my readers there’ll be tons of stuff to read from now on (haha kidding). Anywho thats all I have to say!

Oh wait! I forgot, one more thing, I decided to add something different to my blog. Ill be updating my about me page soon by adding this lovely rap I wrote. Im not the best song writer but Im not the worst either, or at least I hope Im not! Tell me what you think, Its really short, Im thinking of creating a really short video to go with it. But lets just read the lyrics now…

From the Q to the 8

Livin with no hate

*Beat boxin*

This is my life

My own words I guess

^Those words were Eminems but here come mine

At first it was hard to choose a name

I wanted to get into the blogging game

but I realized that its more than that

So I had a little chat

ended up with the Q8 Wanderer

Im no hard worker… or maybe I am

right now Im only working hard to make this rhyme

It all started in 2010 20th of july

oh how time can fly

I haven’t been fully dedicated

But I’m here to tell you that changed yea

Feel free to look around

no reason to be down

Be yourself and smile

you gotta love my style

I write about everything from thoughts to reviews

to get your views

and comments too


ill let you with that

Ive got stuff to work at

to make this worth it


Dress Up Like Steve Jobs Day

September 8, 2011

Finally! Steve Jobs is getting the recognition he deserves! Well kinda but its still pretty awesome! So iPhone Life decided to declare Friday the 9th of September as the Dress Up Like Steve Jobs holiday and they will be posting the best pictures in their next issue! Y’all better know how Steve Jobs dresses! But if you dont its pretty simple, he wears a black shirt and jeans!
For more description on how he dresses read the following…
“the truly authentic outfit would be a black, long-sleeve cashmere and silk mock turtleneck, Levi’s 501 jeans, and gray New Balance sneakers (style #992).”
Even though Friday is part of our weekend doesnt mean we cant participate! I hereby declare this holiday worldwide! Haha Apple spirit!

Praying Underwater

September 5, 2011


Review: Captain America

September 4, 2011

I kinda need to share my thoughts on this movie. First of all it was great although others will disagree. I’ve been told that I’m easily amused and maybe that’s true so even though I thought this movie was absolutely amazing I’m just gonna sit here for a few minutes and really think about whats great about it and whats not.
*18 minutes later*

Reasons why I loved this movie:

1) I love superhero movies, they always get me psyched. They consist of my favorite movie genres which are action, adventure, and sci-fi!

2) It was humorous, you don’t just sit there and wait for what happens next you also laugh while you’re at it. I mean it’s not meant to be a comedy and it’s not but the creators managed to add humor to it.

3) The movie might have ended but the story didn’t. This really just kills me and it’s probably the main reason why I’m somewhat obsessed with the movie. I just need to know what happens next. I mean when your friend starts telling you a story of his/her near death experience you simply won’t stand it if s/he pauses in the middle to answer a phone call or whatever. Its simple you want to know what happens next. Although it is kind of a good thing cause it allows your imagination to soar. Whats the ending going to be? Who’s going to die? What will happen? And then you’ll start to make your own sense of the story until the actual story is released which is in 2012.

4) Last but not least, The story. I’m not going to spill the beans here just the message I got. The message is simple, never give up. If you are determined to do something you will eventually accomplish it, you just gotta keep trying.

Reasons why I didn’t love the movie:


No reasons cause I did love it.

To make this post more helpful I have asked the people who disagreed with me to share their thoughts on why its wasn’t that good.

Thought No#1) “There wasn’t enough action especially after watching Iron Man. The story line was predicted, although the ending surprised me however it wasn’t that good”

Thought No#2) “The choice of hero wasn’t interesting, They should have gotten someone with more humor however he was quite handsome”

Thought No#3) “It’s not my type of movie”

Thank you Marvel Studios, Twas marvelous 😉

Oh yea and remember how Iron Man had a special mini scene after the credits well guess what? This movie has one too! So be sure to wait for it even though the credits took a while but you gotta respect that since those people did play a role in the making of this movie. I truly can’t wait till May and not just cause its the month of birthday haha.

Watch the trailer below…

Review: The Smurfs

September 3, 2011

Im not really a fan of movie reviews but I figured Id give it a shot. Its just that I don’t like ruining the movie for others, so if you’re one of those people who enjoy watching movies out of the blue without knowing the story behind them(Im one of those people) don’t read this!

I loved it! I went to the movie not knowing who the smurfs are I just knew they existed. I never watched anything related to them and never read anything related to them. I just know they’re little blue creatures however that was before the movie of course. After watching the movie I gotta say they’re simply adorable, if only they were real I would like to have one or two around. If I was given the choice to take one home Id without a doubt pick clumsy. I love that guy!

Okay so back to the review. I sat in my chair waiting for the movie to begin not knowing what to expect. I was quite tired as well due to my amazing sleeping pattern (Being sarcastic of course). And the movie began, It started off with the smurfs in their village and all and also introduced the Gargamel the evil wizard. I started thinking what exactly is this movie going to be about but then it was no longer a cartoon! Those little blue guys and smurfette along with them transported to New York where they met Neil Patrick Harris, haha I gotta admit that was pretty cool. I didn’t see who was staring in it since I thought only their voices are going to be used but I guess I was wrong.

Another thing I loved behind the movie was the message it was sending or maybe its just the message I got. Either way what I understood is that you have to live in the moment and don’t push your loved ones away on the other hand treasure every moment you have with them and enjoy it. Also that life doesn’t come with a manual you just have to live and learn. In my eyes that was the main message I’m not sure if it was intended but I guess this message fits the movie so it works.

Basically the story is about Patrick, a man trying his best to complete a task assigned by his harsh boss in two days so he won’t get fired. However he doesn’t think he has enough time with him taking care of his pregnant wife and on top of all that out of all the people in New York the smurfs chose him and so he was stuck with them. The movie shows how Papa Smurf inspired Patrick and taught him a life long lesson while the other little ones showed him what he has to deal with when the baby arrives. Of course all these events happened as a result of running away from Gargamel. The story has a happy ending so they did in fact escape safely and returned to their village and started reconstructing it after getting ideas from New Yorks skyline.

One of my favorite scenes was when the smurfs and Patrick were playing guitar hero haha you can catch a glimpse of it in the trailer below.

3D? Big No No! I really didn’t see the point of making this movie in 3D, I believe there was only one part that was worth it and it was when they were sucked into a wormhole. Other than that the glasses were just a burden.

Oh and one last thing you’re gonna hear the word “smurf” over a hundred times! haha! I loved how they kept using it! Twas Smurftastic!

Watch the trailer below…

The First Scratch

September 1, 2011

It just breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Really how annoying is that first scratch? Well let me tell you its really annoying. Its more sad than annoying but still annoying. Whenever I see that first scratch it is usually followed by a few seconds of regret and depression but then you just promise yourself you’ll be more careful next time and forget all about it but then it happens again and guess what? You weren’t any more careful and so those few seconds of regret and depression are welcomed again. The same thing happens again and again you just keep telling yourself  you’ll be more careful the next time but rarely are you ever careful. But what I believe is that you’re most careful before the first scratch, cause its in perfect condition and so you’d hate to ruin it but after that first scratch that it you just lose hope. It’ll be like “Oh well its already scratched whats one more scratch” and the carelessness begins.

Of course this thought didn’t just occur to me, something happened for this thought to be even in my mind right now! Im sad to say Ive got my very first scratch on my iPad today. It was heart breaking because it wasn’t only a scratch it was more of a crack. Yup my screen is cracked but the good thing is its mostly the corner and it can still be used almost perfectly. All this time I was so careful to have at least one electronic that would last at least 6 months without suffering from any minor or major injury.

Any who the good thing is that the screen could be replaced and all would be good right? But no it turns out as it slipped one it landed on one of the corners and its now dented but its all good I guess as long as it functions properly. I got my thoughts out and Im ready to accept the fact that my scratch free iPad is no longer scratch free. *motivation applause* Thank you Thank you.

If you all are interested the iPad remained scratch free for about 3 months which is actually not that bad but then it decided to catch up on its injuries and instead of aiming for a tiny scratch it went for the 10 point crack the screen-er. Ive reached a point where I’m not even blaming myself haha Im blaming fate cause it needs to happen you just cant have a scratch free device unless its locked up in its box. I would honestly like to meet a person that is so careful that s/he really do own a scratch free device, that day might or might not come but as for now I will be looking for a replacement iPad screen tata.