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Why Write?

July 20, 2010

So, one of the main reasons I made a blog is cause I enjoy to write, and by time I will improve

The question is why write?

A question that only true writers know the answer. Writing is the process of translating thoughts into words. It’s a way to give back to the world, a way to discover our identities. The way you write is the way you feel, it allows you to express who you really are. It helps you discover your true feelings and thoughts, because when you talk, you are limited to your opinion.  On the other hand, writing allows you to visit a world in which you are able to say anything that you feel, there is no border that you are not able to cross. Writing allows the preservation of your thoughts; it’s a way to pass your message to the future generations. It can influence a group of people, allows them to have an idea of other points of view, to realize the different lives people have. Writing can be expressed in many ways; it can be private or public.

So why write? We write to share our views, our opinions, and our judgments. There are many forms of writing, in which a person is able to express their inner identity. It may sound weird how one can be true to a piece of paper rather than the people around him or her. The reason for that is that documents are not judgmental, they accept whatever you give them. We share with them our hopes, dreams, fears, and our desires. Therefore, writing allows us to be free and step in a world where nothing matters but our own opinions.  In this free world, writers are not limited to only one topic, they have many to choose from, many to relate to and form opinions about.

Each writer writes about experiences, and topics that are relatable. In order for writers to get their messages through, they should feel strongly about the topic. There are many ways for this message to be stated, it may be stated directly or indirectly. A paper could be written on a certain issue to view ones opinion, or a novel to show the whole experience. Writers have the ability to inspire people with their word choice and use of rhetoric devices. A writer is able to change a readers mind easily; all that is needed is to address the topic correctly with the correct word choice. With those skills, writers are able to bring social change, and influence people to be better. In the end, it all comes down to the writer to freely write what comes to mind.

Words are very powerful. They have the ability to change a persons mind when used correctly. Words are used to express ones inner feelings, it gives the reader a sense of visualizing. While reading the works of great writers, we tend to let our imaginations run free, no limits to our thoughts, that is how we get the message. In the end, as Isabel Allende stated writing is an act of hope.

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