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Summer So Far…

July 21, 2010

Let me tell you a bit of my summer, I have been spending it in Kuwait, can’t complain much, not going to say Im not enjoying it because I am. I have been on my computer this whole summer, just got an iMac like a few days ago, which makes it even harder to spend a little time with Mother Earth. But I am working on making my summer more productive, since it is flying by faster than a hungry mouse moving his little paws to get to his food in the middle of Manhattan.

A message to Summer:

Dear Summer,

Please take your time, no need to rush through.

Yours Truly,  Q8 Wanderer

Hope Summer decides to listen to me, but seriously, its one of my best summers, it is as we grow older we realize the value of time and friendship. Chillaxing in Kuwait got me all the free time I want, and I am glad to say I am using some of that time to Skype with a friend of mine, although she is like a sister to me. Being in different countries makes it a little harder to communicate, but thanks to Skype, it feels like I have been living with her this summer, which is great. Im Lovin it. Excuse me McDonalds, my intentions weren’t to steal your slogan.

What else is there? Hmmm… Well, stay tuned for more summer updates.

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