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Drawing Tablets

July 22, 2010

Ever been interested in animations? Well, I am, I find them to be extremely awesome. I mean all the hard work of drawing the main and minor characters, its skills. I myself, am a fan of cartoon drawing, I am not very good when it comes to realistic drawings, but practice helps improve that.

Now what I want to do, is bring my characters to life. So I decided to get my own drawing tablet to help with that.

Wacom is one of the largest manufactures of drawing tablets, they’ve got ones for home and office uses.  I found out that they are used for business as well, to draw graphs and such. It’s pretty cool.

I ordered my own wireless intous.4 recently, and I cant wait for it to arrive.

I used the link above to give me an idea of each tablet but unfortunately it does not deliver to Kuwait or any other Middle Eastern country actually. This is where Amazon steps in and saves the day, I have found and ordered the product from amazon. Can’t wait for it to arrive, definitely excited to try it out, gotta be patient though

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