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Friends VS Celebrities

July 25, 2010

Empty Hollywood Star

Almost every one of us has been looking up to one of those actors or musicians, and waiting for the day that will make their wish come true. Their wish to finally meet their hero. Okay wait, I am not going to talk about “they” as if I am not one of them, I went through that phase too, but I came to realize a point that you will see soon.

So, we would all be dreaming of that day, that one day, that day that would be labeled the happiest day of our lives. The day we get to meet one of our “heros”, some would even settle to just seeing him/her in person without actually meeting him/her.

The difference between seeing and meeting, is that seeing could be from a distant, but meeting would be actually have a conversation with him/her.

But I will go with the obvious reason that “meeting” that famous individual would cause a greater mark on your life. That is what I am struggling to believe, that meeting “celebrities” would make us feel better, and could change our lives. Well yea I guess if that individual sees talent in you than yea it could change your life, but back to my point we are so obsessed in meeting those people with their names up in lights that we forget about the people around us. The people who truly matter, the people who have an impact on you, and most importantly the people who will always be there for you. Those people are your family and friends, that care about you and I’d rather have that than meet any celebrity.

I am grateful for having such an amazing family, and I am grateful to have met such great people who I call my friends.

Now instead of giving the stars to celebrities, I would like you to fill that empty star above with the names of the people that matter most in your life.

Friends 1 – 0 Celebrities

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