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Funny Story: 4:15

July 26, 2010

Ok, so as you know today is Monday in other words the day the Cinescape sell their tickets for half the price. So I was waiting for my friend to arrive at my house so we can go to the movie together. The movie we were supposedly going to watch was scheduled at 6:15 The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. We arrived at Avenues excited to watch the movie, we were a bit late as we stood to get our movie snacks, we entered the cinema room to find that people were in our seats, we were confused then as we got up to the last row one of the cinema crew told us we entered the wrong show, we booked for 4:15 and it is too late now, so went out trying to find any other movie but no luck. We sat in those white chairs and ate our snacks then we left the mall and got Dunkin Donuts and headed back to my place and just chilled.

This is a day to remember.

Its funny when it happens to you, trust me

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