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Thoughts: Heart Shape

August 7, 2010

As I was growing up I kept thinking that the heart looks like ♥ <–this. To this day, I have no idea where ♥ has evolved from, but August 7, 2010 marks the end of this mystery.

It is believed that the heart symbol had a connection with a certain plant that has to do with birth control. This stylized shape is typically colored red to show the blood and passion (In many cultures red is used to show strong passion).

Hmm, what do you know? You actually do learn something new each day

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  1. August 7, 2010 5:30 pm

    I wondered about the same … also why red is asscociated with love and passion?

    • August 7, 2010 6:09 pm

      Studies show that colors affect our heart rate, so the color red is shown to speed the beat of your heart, so maybe since being loved gives you a good feeling it might affect your heart rate.
      I honestly don’t know, I mean you can come up with your own theories, it also could be that you love with your heart and your heart is red and pumps blood which is also red due to hemoglobin…

      • August 7, 2010 7:55 pm

        this actually brings up the idea of loving with your heart … is it a theory or real ?! … we think with our mind but do we really love with our heart? this thing that pumps or should it be love with our soul? …

      • August 7, 2010 9:43 pm

        Actually, loving your heart is a theory, we dont actually love with our heart however we are brainwashed into believing that we do because that is a common trend in society, really everything is controlled by the brain. Since the brain controls every organ in your body, you can know that your brain is controlling your heart, so in a way you can say that you love with your heart but if you track the feeling back, you will reach your brain..

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