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Ramadan Kareem

August 13, 2010

Its been a while eh? Well, I’m back and wishing you a great Ramadan.
Mubarak Aleekom Ishahar and Taqabal Allah Ta3atkom. Kil 3am Wintaow ibkhair and 3asakom min 3wada.

Ramadan is passing by fast, can you believe it, it’s already the third of Ramadan?!
How is fasting with you?
I for one love Ramadan, it teaches us so many lessons: The short experience we have for all the starving people out there, and we are living in houses with roofs, we control the temperature, we have it easy. Another thing I like is the family gathererings that last late at night, time passes by fast with the people you love. Oh, and I love when the young members of the family (six-seven years old) try to fast to get a reward, even though it’s for the wrong reason, it’s still something, so the little one will get used to the feeling as they grow up.

Allah yitqabal ta3at ilmuslimeen inshalla!

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