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Exercise of the Day: The Cat-astrophe

August 26, 2010

Normal people go to the gym. Normal people go for a jog. Normal people play sports. But no, not in our family.

Being a typical Ramadan day, the family sits in our lovely little yellow living room that is isolated with glass, after sunset. The topic of the moment was cats, I’ve been trying to convince the rest of the family members to get a cat or something of that sort. This is where my uncle steps in and he says “I’m going to tell you something, but I don’t think you’re going to believe”. All of us sat with interest in what he had to say, and he said ” There is a cat in the house”. As shocked as we are we opened the door of the living room to see that there was truly a cat in the house.

Now, no one knows where the cat come from. It still remains a mystery. It was running around the second floor, where we were enjoying our deserts. The “man” of the house was upstairs having his nice cup of tea and watching the news, I honestly don’t know what he was watching so let’s go with news. He was raged by the noise of the yelling and chasing after the cat. Three of us went chasing after the cat, it was one fast high-jumping cat. It was black on the top and dark brown on the bottom with shiny black eyes which made him/her look scary.

So as we chased this cat, she managed to get to the third floor and entered one of the bedroom wings, and us being smart locked her in as we went to get a bed cover to throw at him/her (The “man”s idea) which failed miserably since we were never able to catch the cat. Any who, the cat was in the room alone, no idea what s/he was doing, until bam we opened the door with an attempt to trap her, but she was nowhere to be found. Creep isn’t it? There was no sound whatsoever, only our heavy breaths after chasing. We searched and found her near the mirror staring at herself (we made our jokes about him/her being stuck up, just jokes). She sensed us coming and ran to the door and down back to the second floor, we trapped her in a room where the balcony led to our garden outside. As we chased her around, our hard word was rewarded the cat finally decided to get out after leaving us an unpleasant surprise.

This was our exercise as well as family joke of the day.

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