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Countdown: 1 day

November 3, 2010


I’m not sure how it’s like in the real world, but for all I know the weekend is something students look forward to every Sunday! Ah! I truly can’t wait till Thursday which is tomorrow, well I can and I will I just don’t want to, hehe. Thursdays for me are very chill, I just come home, and head on straight to my room and spend a couple of hours with my comfortable bed. These  hours help me catch up on the sleep I missed out on during school days. I’m probably exaggerating, it’s what I do best when I’m venting about school. Well that’s all I’m really going to say, not too much complaining

Truth is I am supposed to be working on homework right now, and finishing up assignments but instead I’m taking the time to write this post to show how dedicated and committed I will be, jaikay, but really I will dedicate some time to post whatever needs to be posted.

Have a great day or should I say night?

Good Night!

Let the procrastination begin…

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