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November 4, 2010

Enjoy the Weekend

It is the end of the week, meaning it’s the start of the weekend.

Week WHAT?! WeekEND! Time to relax and enjoy the couple of days of freedom.

To be honest this week passed by fast so I am grateful, and next week is our final week then were off for Eid Break! However there is a downside, this means the end of quarter 1. My grades are going down this year, and if you ask my mom she’s going to tell you it’s because of football but I fail to agree. I actually think football helps increase the efforts I put it, since it gives me so much energy and allows me to blow off steam from the unfair treatment of teachers (probably exaggerating but let me have fun with it). My toughest subject without a doubt is Pre-Cal, the problem is I understand everything were doing, however just as test day comes I don’t know what happens, its horrible. Any who, that’s school for me, football season will end in a month or so, and lets see how see how it goes from there.

Speaking of football, I wont be traveling for EMAC, this year. EMAC is an athletic conference and I don’t know what the EM stand for so yea, it is held every year for each sport, and this year it is hosted in Jordan. So because of my grades I will be missing out on a sport that defines my life in a way and miss out of the opportunity to see a new country. It’s really hard for me to actually absorb the fact that I wont be going, in fact even though I know it’s too late, I can’t believe it. Well, when the time comes I will just have to deal with it and work harder for next year!

Wow. Feels good to get it out!
Yalla watermelons, have an awesome weekend!

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