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Computer Science

November 13, 2010

Tis one interesting subject, is it really though? Well it depends on who you are! I for one enjoy it, I took a beginners class this year and it’s really awesome, just like anything in life it started out somewhat simple and is getting complicated by the day. For the past quarter of this school year we have been assigned tasks to do using Alice, which really doesn’t need any creativity whatsoever, it simply needs you to understand and apply. But, a couple of classes ago, our teacher assigned a project, he set requirements of what we need to incorporate in our “animation” to pass and we have the freedom to use them in any way we want. This project is due after Eid Break, and I’m not so almost done, ill be finishing it soon though, tis awesome!

For the first semester, were using Alice, which is kinda easy to use, haha well of course since it’s for beginners, but as the second semester comes we will start to use BlueJ in which we actually get to write pages of codes, which I’m really looking forward to! While in Alice, we get to set a scene and choose characters, and have a bunch of methods listed to choose from and all that good stuff.

Tis a cool class, and its only getting cooler!


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