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December 30, 2010

I’m just kidding, but really I’ve been out-of-town for about a week and I just got back. I traveled to Dubai and witnessed all the great  world records it set such as the tallest tower, tallest christmas tree, and whatever else that doesn’t seem to come to mind. The trip was simply amazing, got to spend it with the people I love doing the things I enjoy.

The trip passed by quite fast however we did accomplish so much. On the first day we got to visit Burj Khalifa and ride on the fastest elevator in the world to reach level 124, it was an observation deck with a mini shop selling souvenirs, and we also had the opportunity to observe the atmosphere outside and so we did and well it was amazing how high we were. I couldn’t help but look down, haha. That was it for the Burj.

I don’t remember the order of the things we accomplished, but the highlights were mainly the Burj, the safari, and indoor flying.

So secondly, the safari was *insert descriptive word here*. The driver picked us up from our hotel and we headed to the desert, first stop was riding buggys in which the youngsters including myself did, twas really fun going up and down sand dunes. Second part was going up and down sand dunes in the car! The driver flattened out the tires a bit and then we headed on our risky journey, the comments during the trip by a certain family members were HIGHlarious. Then after a bunch of fun, we got stuck in one of the dunes, so we got out the car and started sand boarding. It’s not as easy as it looks, twas very fun, but going up the dunes was exhausting but a good workout. Also the failed attempts of sand boarding cracked us up. Then we ended the trip with more buggy riding, however my lovely uncle and I got a Polaris instead to try something new. He was driving and I was in the passenger seat filming the whole ride cause I knew twas a risk to ride with him. Any who as expected we ended up flipping over, but ilhamdillah no major injures just a couple of yells from here and there. Twas an experience I will never forget, and the fact that I have it all on the lovely flip camera helps with that!

And last but not least indoor flying! Since were not allowed to sky dive untill were 18, indoor flying comes as close to that for now. The center is called iFly and is located in Mirdif City Center. If youre ever in Dubai, you’ve just gotta try it, you’ve got to. Simply you go in, get suited, get in the tube, let the huge fan lift you. However it’s not as easy as it seems but A LOT of fun. You attend a 10 min informative session before you fly about safety and the right positions and then you fly! So that was fun too.

Other than that, it was just exploring and shopping. Oh and of course eating!

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