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Arabs' Got Talent Review

January 16, 2011

Q8 Wanderer is back! The reason I havent been posting is because of the amount of school accompanied with the lack of post-able thoughts. But now I’m here with a topic, Arabs Got Talent! The show aired on Friday on MBC4 and well…

Honestly I was kind of disappointed. First of all it’s actually good to see what Arabs can do and what their capable of doing. However the fact that the show was an exact replica of Americas Got Talent showed that were not capable of using the same idea used worldwide in a unique Arab way. It would’ve been cool to do that so when people describe the show they will use more words than “it’s just like Americas got talent”.

Secondly the judges, they were either very nice or very harsh. There was no middle ground between the two answers. When they say yes they loved you, and when they say no the possibility of your dreams getting crushed is 78%. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all the contestants should pass to the second round. All im saying is that its possible to criticize the performance without going overboard with hate. That’s all I have to say, it was the first episode so im anxious to see where it’s headed.

Oh wait almost forgot, my favorite performance so far was *Drumroll*

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