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The Need to Discover

February 19, 2011

Have you ever just felt the need to explore? The need to just learn more but not through words through actions? Ah well, the truth is that’s our life everyday! We wake up every morning thanking God for the gift of seeing a new day and wonder what great things are coming our way (that rhymes!) . We expect things to happen to us but we don’t want to work for it, I’m talking about most people including myself not all. That, my friends has got to change, we have to get up everyday willing to work our hands off to produce a better future.

The world is a mysterious place and yet we put it no effort to discover it and its beauty. We (not all) sit staring at screens whether they be computer, TV, or mobile screens. Our eyes our to busy as well as our fingers with communicating with people who are available for you during most hours of the day instead of experiencing your life with the ones around you with little communicative devices available. I was going to say with little technological intervention, but technology is here to make our ¬†lives simpler if it’s used correctly.

So yea, just a thought! Concerning the picture above, that was the only picture that made sense for me to upload. Ok if you’re wondering, yes it was me who messed this iPod up and no I have no reason that could get me out of trouble. However I did do it out of the need to discover the creation of iPods and I was curious to see the circuit that belonged to this device. And one more question to answer: YES! I do realize that I could have easily visited a lovely search engine and research but as you can see I didn’t. I just wanted to try it myself and I gotta tell you it feels good to take things apart even though it was incorrectly done. So I discovered how this iPod was created what did YOU discover today?

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