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Thought VS Action

March 27, 2011

We all know that actions speak louder than words? But what about thoughts? Which is more necessary in this world? People will argue thoughts, people will argue actions, but others including myself will argue both. Dont action derive from thoughts? Or at least meaningful actions that make a big difference around us, don’t they require a good amount of thinking?

I believe thoughts are a powerful force that lead to our words and actions. It is our thoughts that set us up mentally on the path were heading. It is our thoughts that get us through the day. It is our thoughts that determine what we do next. Actions and thoughts are in the end connected. That connection can be made by finding the root of your action in other words your motive. Its all starts in your head that is carried out in the outer world or should I say the world around you since “outer world” kinda seems alien-ish.

The question here is do thoughts exist if they weren’t articulated through any form of expression?

Think about it, it can be debated both ways. But what impact does a non expressed thought provide to yourself or to the world? Everything started with the simplicity of thought then came upon the complications of life.


Make it more complicated, Express your thoughts.

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