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Numbers are for Math

April 13, 2011

“How old are you?” people ask, the question is “How old do you feel?” Why does it even matter what our age is, after all its just a number. Our level of maturity should determine what we are eligible to do instead of our age but its how the world is. The world should follow amusement parks, they don’t go by age they go by height. However, we’ll replace height with maturity. If only there was a way to calculate someone’s maturity in a quick process. Think about it, why would a wiz kid enter Fantasy World and look through the 3 year old section when s/he is wise enough to interact with innovations for 10 year olds. We should all go at our own pace.
No matter where you are, no matter how old you are, there will always be people criticizing your actions. They will be telling you to start acting your age. You will be getting lectures on how to behave. I think everyone has his or her boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. So I say no, don’t act like your age, just be yourself. Who even decides how each age group behaves? It’s just expected from all of us to grow up and accept our age and cry farewell to our childhood.
Don’t you think we have a bunch of those people already, those people that are sticking to how society expects them to behave? The world needs more people who are willing to accept criticism while they go out of their way to enjoy life. We need teenagers to use their time and create opportunities for them to shine. We need the middle-aged to make their dreams reality. We need the elderly to keep a positive attitude towards life, cause it’s never too late to accomplish something.
So just live your life the way you want to without crossing your boundaries and violating peoples’ rights. Leave the numbers for grocery shopping and math class, and enjoy the life you have.

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