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Summer is finally here!

June 14, 2011

Credits: Google Images

Its been way too long! I blame school for this! Kiddin, all is good now. You know why?! Cause its summer time!! Finally! First of all congratulations to all the seniors who graduated and good luck in uni! Isnt it funny you work your way to the top (seniors in high school) to go back to the bottom (freshmen in uni)? Haha. Anywho im just so glad its summer 3 months of freedom, Im gonna make the best of it!

I really wanna write about something here thats worth reading but I do not have the slightest clue of what to write! The ideas will soon come so bear with me and hope theyre good.

Ok so this post was basically to welcome summer so

“Dear Summer,

Why took you so long? We’ve missed you dearly! Its good to have you back and please remember that youre welcome to stay as long as you want no rush in leaving so early.

Students ”

Have a great summer ya’ll !

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