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Are you ready for whats coming? iOS 5!

August 10, 2011

I’m just way too excited for this! I know I’ve already posted about one of the services in which iOS 5 provides which is iMessages but of course that’s not it! There are many features that I got informed on while I was watching WWDC 2011 Video on Apples site.

My favorite feature, aah well I don’t  know which ones my favorite cause this operating system as Barney Stinson will say Legen wait for it dary! (How I Met Your Mother).

First of all I can’t wait for the new notifications that appear at the top of the screen without causing much attention instead of those blue pop ups that mess up your game or ruin whatever you were occupying your time with. I had to suffer with that for well since I switched to the iPhone and now I can’t wait for this new feature.

However that’s not the only feature I’m looking forward to! I’m always patiently waiting for the newsstand feature where you can subscribe to magazines and they’ll simply be downloaded on your device to read whenever you want. Plus, this is more convenient instead of watching for each issue to arrive in the mail and wondering when you’ll receive it. However I stopped having that problem after using “Zinio” an application similar to newsstand where you can download the magazine you want. But in my opinion newsstand looks more organized and easy to maneuver through so I can’t wait!

Also another feature that caught my attention is the split keyboard for the iPad! It’s now easier to type well it isn’t yet but it will be soon enough! This feature simply splits the keyboard in half and pushes each half to one of the ends, yes im not very good at describing things but I’m trying. I just find this very creative.

And well the list goes on, so many features and I wont be talking about all of them but for more information on the awesome features that iOS 5 offers watch the video below.

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