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The Price of Following your Dreams

August 11, 2011

Since the beginning of time we are motivated to keep working to achieve our dreams. But when it finally happens, when all the praying and all the hard work is over you start to be judged. One example, Rebecca Black.

If you don’t know who Rebecca Black is, watch the following video:

Okay yes I mean she doesn’t have the best voice but she doesn’t have the worst either. She was simply having fun and working to make her dream a reality. She gave Glee a song to do, she gave millions of people a topic to talk about it, and she also gave hope. What pops in your mind when you see a 14-year-old dealing with all of this? It just shows how strong you should be and as long as youre enjoying what youre doing then you should keep going. If you don’t like her songs there’s a simple solution don’t bother listening to her!

I mean come on is harassment really necessary? All the negativity coming from her school forced her to leave and now she’s being home-schooled! It’s really sad to see this happen when we should be supporting the cause which is following your dream.

Rebecca B if by any chance youre reading this just know that I support you 100%!

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