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That Awkward Moment…

August 20, 2011


Yes since the start of the summer there have been many “the awkward moment when” tweets, Facebook statuses, conversation topics, and so on. Some are true and funny while some but are somewhat unnecessary, I would say my “awkward moments” tend to lie in the unnecessary pile. But I’m still going to share one with you today so here it goes…*Drum roll*

That awkward moment when you find out your country’s news from a foreign journalist!

Yes! I have found out about that shoe throwing incident in 360 from an article written by Amy Tennery. It could be found here on Mogulite.

Basically the summary of the story is a teenage boy decided to throw his croc at the chandelier in 360, his intentions weren’t clear but he says he didn’t think the chandelier will actually break. Regardless what you thought was gonna happen, what would push you to do such a thing? I’m eager to know that.

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