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Review: The Glee Project

August 23, 2011

I recently started watching the show well I started yesterday and I’m updated on 9 of the 10 episodes. They’ve got only one season consisting of 10 episodes. It’s a competition show, I’ve been hearing tons of good reviews about it so I decided to give it a chance and so I did and I loved it!

Have you all heard of Glee? If you haven’t where have you been living?! So the creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy decided to try out this project so he could have a new characters to put in the show since the characters now are close to graduating. There will be only one winner, but the beauty of this competition is that it’s not only about singing, its involves acting and attitude. Murphy is looking for an individual that inspires him to create a character. So your singing and acting abilities won’t help you if you fail to show your personality while performing. The show started off with 12 people who have been chosen by the Glee casting director after auditioning.

Each week the contenders are given a theme that they work on with that theme they should perform the song given to them. When its time to perform after practicing Robert, the casting director walks in with a member of the Glee cast to give them some advice and they decide on a winner for the “homework assignment”. Whoever wins that challenge gets to spend one on one time with the Glee member as well as get more time in the weeks music video.

The Contenders

Each week Robert and Zach, the choreographer put three contenders in the bottom and those three have to perform for the creator himself, Ryan Murphy! And then he decides who gets called back and who is not after giving them feedback of course.

The contenders train to learn all the dance moves and practice vocals in a few hours so they can be ready when they make it to the big times and guest star in Glee. Oh yea, I forgot to mention the winner of the competition  gets to guest star on Glee for 7 episodes!

Thats all you need to know about the show.

The Glee Project Flyer


My favorite contender of all the 12 is Cameron however he decided to leave the show because of his morals! Cameron is a 21-year-old who got Murphys attention. Cameron kept performing for Ryan for multiple weeks for being in the bottom three, but Ryan didn’t want him to go cause of he believed he will be a great addition. So in one of the weeks Cameron denied to be a part of a kissing scene due to his morals and his girlfriend that he has been dating for 2 years. So while he was performing for Ryan he didn’t fail to impress him but Ryan had a problem with him thinking that every time there will be a kissing scene he’s gonna be called down just cause of Cameron. This is where it all happened for the first time ever a contender asked to go home. After breaking into tears Cameron thanked Ryan for this experience and he mentioned how much he had learned and that he came to a decision to go back home. Cameron went back to his dressing room only to find Ryan himself following him. He had a little chat with Cameron and he then gave him the decision to stay or go but Cameron felt that he had to go home and he did so and ended up saving his best mate on the show, Damian. I got to admit that really affected me, seeing someone giving up his dream to stick by his morals!

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