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Oh wow! Sleepless!

August 24, 2011

Oh wow! Do you believe it? It’s the 24 of August already! This month felt  like a week, less than a week! It feels like yesterday we were getting everything ready for Ramadan and setting everything up and making sure we’ve got the groceries! Oh wow! Time needs to chill and take a break, maybe we should offer it a kitkat? I’ll admit I’ve used that joke before, well I wouldn’t really call it a joke since no one really laughed but it was worth the try eh?

This Should Be Me Right Now

Oh wow! Excuse my lameness, It’s currently 8:20 AM and I still haven’t slept! One thing about Ramadan is that you don’t really have to travel across the world to be jet lagged, and that not necessarily a good thing haha. School is coming up soon so we gotta get ready for that and fix this tiring sleeping pattern.

Oh wow! So yea I’m still up trying to find something to occupy my time with, good news is I finally found the 10th episode of The Glee Project but it’s not 100% complete but its good enough so as I’m writing this as I’m waiting for it to load.

Oh wow! So many unnecessary “oh wow”s in this post, bear with me!

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