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Review: Cinemin Swivel

August 24, 2011

What the heavens is a Cinemin Swivel you make ask! Well I have the answer! It’s basically a mini projector that works with the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad. You simply plug in the correct cable (not much to it) and play a video and BOOM.

I know for a fact, okay maybe not a fact more like a theory but let’s go with it! Almost everyone wished they’d have a screen on their ceiling am I right? Well now you can actually play your shows and movies on your ceiling using this mini projector! It’s quite awesome! We’ve all had troubles at some point trying to adjust ourselves to have a perfect view of the screen well now with the projector you can adjust your screen to fit your needs! Haha I’m sounding more like a salesperson.

Of course there are many other projectors but I went with this one after reading reviews online and frankly I don’t regret it. It is almost perfect! It only has one major flaw though, it only projects what is played. For instance, you can only view your pictures if you play theslide show. It doesn’t just project everything you’re doing on your device so that bummed me out a bit. But it was really that important and so I used it for what it was made for. Im lovin technology (Sorry McDonalds)!

Plus its sound system is actually pretty good, you can control the volume and all. I was worried at first that it might be too low but it was great quality and also you can plug in your headphones and listen. The image size and quality was great. Maximum image size is 60 inches diagonal!

Most importantly, I think this is the most obvious point, it needs to be dark for you to enjoy it! Cause with light the projection will just fade.

Lights Off = Great Image

Lights On = Faded Image


If you’re interested, the package includes:

– The projector of course

– iPod/iPhone adapter which also works with the iPad

– An AV composite cable

– USB to mini USB cable

You know those times when you buy something and then regret it well this isn’t one of those times!

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