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Review: Blackberry Bold 9900

August 26, 2011

Well its no iPhone! I’m kidding, I’m not gonna compare the two. This post is strictly gonna be on the new blackberry.

My uncle got it today and he was so excited, so I turned on the innocent act so I could get to play with it a bit and guess what yes my acting skills worked! Or it could be that he’s simply nice in which he is! Okay getting a bit carried away back to the blackberry!

Yes notice the Barca logo!

First of all I gotta admit I’m lovin the design! They took their customers favorite features and combined them to form the bold 9900. Those features are first the touch screen and the bold keyboard. But of course they already did that with the torch but this time it’s not a slide phone nor a flip phone just a regular device. However this regular device does look might I say shmexy, haha!

Pictures add 10 pounds

Setting aside its sleek design, the device is extremely light. The screen is big as well, vertically speaking its larger than the screen of the torch which I personally think is better. The graphics are amazing as well, everything is so clear and appealing but I think that’s just cause it’s a new phone and all but that doesn’t change the quality of the graphics.

Honestly, what I really like about it is that you’ve got both options available (touch screen and the keyboard). It made me miss my blackberry days. I really don’t have anything else to comment on, but if it helps my uncle seems to really enjoy it and he keeps bringing up how awesome it is.

So now to the question: Should you buy it? First you guys should understand that is hard for me to talk about the blackberry in such pleasant ways! A bit over the top? Hmm maybe. Back to my point, if you’re a blackberry person and you don’t think that that’s ever going to change by all means go ahead and get it you won’t regret it. However that’s if you have a worn out phone. If you don’t then I really don’t see the point of getting it. If you’re one of those who still have the blackberry with the trackball I think its time to experience the non-lagging trackpad! But wait! If you’re one of those people still uncertain of what you want I suggest you wait till the new iPhone is released which is only  matter of months! Good luck with whatever you decide *clears throat* iPhone FTW!

Thank you and good-bye!

Screen + Keyboard

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