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The First Scratch

September 1, 2011

It just breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Really how annoying is that first scratch? Well let me tell you its really annoying. Its more sad than annoying but still annoying. Whenever I see that first scratch it is usually followed by a few seconds of regret and depression but then you just promise yourself you’ll be more careful next time and forget all about it but then it happens again and guess what? You weren’t any more careful and so those few seconds of regret and depression are welcomed again. The same thing happens again and again you just keep telling yourself  you’ll be more careful the next time but rarely are you ever careful. But what I believe is that you’re most careful before the first scratch, cause its in perfect condition and so you’d hate to ruin it but after that first scratch that it you just lose hope. It’ll be like “Oh well its already scratched whats one more scratch” and the carelessness begins.

Of course this thought didn’t just occur to me, something happened for this thought to be even in my mind right now! Im sad to say Ive got my very first scratch on my iPad today. It was heart breaking because it wasn’t only a scratch it was more of a crack. Yup my screen is cracked but the good thing is its mostly the corner and it can still be used almost perfectly. All this time I was so careful to have at least one electronic that would last at least 6 months without suffering from any minor or major injury.

Any who the good thing is that the screen could be replaced and all would be good right? But no it turns out as it slipped one it landed on one of the corners and its now dented but its all good I guess as long as it functions properly. I got my thoughts out and Im ready to accept the fact that my scratch free iPad is no longer scratch free. *motivation applause* Thank you Thank you.

If you all are interested the iPad remained scratch free for about 3 months which is actually not that bad but then it decided to catch up on its injuries and instead of aiming for a tiny scratch it went for the 10 point crack the screen-er. Ive reached a point where I’m not even blaming myself haha Im blaming fate cause it needs to happen you just cant have a scratch free device unless its locked up in its box. I would honestly like to meet a person that is so careful that s/he really do own a scratch free device, that day might or might not come but as for now I will be looking for a replacement iPad screen tata.

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