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Review: Captain America

September 4, 2011

I kinda need to share my thoughts on this movie. First of all it was great although others will disagree. I’ve been told that I’m easily amused and maybe that’s true so even though I thought this movie was absolutely amazing I’m just gonna sit here for a few minutes and really think about whats great about it and whats not.
*18 minutes later*

Reasons why I loved this movie:

1) I love superhero movies, they always get me psyched. They consist of my favorite movie genres which are action, adventure, and sci-fi!

2) It was humorous, you don’t just sit there and wait for what happens next you also laugh while you’re at it. I mean it’s not meant to be a comedy and it’s not but the creators managed to add humor to it.

3) The movie might have ended but the story didn’t. This really just kills me and it’s probably the main reason why I’m somewhat obsessed with the movie. I just need to know what happens next. I mean when your friend starts telling you a story of his/her near death experience you simply won’t stand it if s/he pauses in the middle to answer a phone call or whatever. Its simple you want to know what happens next. Although it is kind of a good thing cause it allows your imagination to soar. Whats the ending going to be? Who’s going to die? What will happen? And then you’ll start to make your own sense of the story until the actual story is released which is in 2012.

4) Last but not least, The story. I’m not going to spill the beans here just the message I got. The message is simple, never give up. If you are determined to do something you will eventually accomplish it, you just gotta keep trying.

Reasons why I didn’t love the movie:


No reasons cause I did love it.

To make this post more helpful I have asked the people who disagreed with me to share their thoughts on why its wasn’t that good.

Thought No#1) “There wasn’t enough action especially after watching Iron Man. The story line was predicted, although the ending surprised me however it wasn’t that good”

Thought No#2) “The choice of hero wasn’t interesting, They should have gotten someone with more humor however he was quite handsome”

Thought No#3) “It’s not my type of movie”

Thank you Marvel Studios, Twas marvelous 😉

Oh yea and remember how Iron Man had a special mini scene after the credits well guess what? This movie has one too! So be sure to wait for it even though the credits took a while but you gotta respect that since those people did play a role in the making of this movie. I truly can’t wait till May and not just cause its the month of birthday haha.

Watch the trailer below…

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