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15 Days of Abandonment

September 23, 2011

Well vacation time is over meaning its back to waking up early in the morning, back to setting time to work, and back to the weekend countdowns. These past two weeks Ive been adjusting myself to function on work day schedule so I won’t have to procrastinate. This year my goal is to manage my time wisely, so far so good! But allowed me to forget about my blog for a while but not anymore. So don’t worry my readers there’ll be tons of stuff to read from now on (haha kidding). Anywho thats all I have to say!

Oh wait! I forgot, one more thing, I decided to add something different to my blog. Ill be updating my about me page soon by adding this lovely rap I wrote. Im not the best song writer but Im not the worst either, or at least I hope Im not! Tell me what you think, Its really short, Im thinking of creating a really short video to go with it. But lets just read the lyrics now…

From the Q to the 8

Livin with no hate

*Beat boxin*

This is my life

My own words I guess

^Those words were Eminems but here come mine

At first it was hard to choose a name

I wanted to get into the blogging game

but I realized that its more than that

So I had a little chat

ended up with the Q8 Wanderer

Im no hard worker… or maybe I am

right now Im only working hard to make this rhyme

It all started in 2010 20th of july

oh how time can fly

I haven’t been fully dedicated

But I’m here to tell you that changed yea

Feel free to look around

no reason to be down

Be yourself and smile

you gotta love my style

I write about everything from thoughts to reviews

to get your views

and comments too


ill let you with that

Ive got stuff to work at

to make this worth it


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